Friday, 5 August 2011

The sun, the sea and the South Downs

                    The sun is rising over the sea and it feels like a day full of promise.
                     Come and join me on a walk over the South Downs to the hamlet of

                             A long climb up the first hill takes us up towards Beachy Head. 
                                Turn around, look back and see the pier, the sun and the sea.

                                                         Onwards and upwards,

                                         quite literally, to the highest point, Beachy Head,
                                                   more than 600 feet above sea level.

                                            The lighthouse stands over 100 feet tall
                                      it protects shipping from the out crop of rocks and
                                                 has done so for the past 100 years.

                                               Turning to follow the South Downs inland

                                  takes us past the golf course and on to the oddly named 
                                                                        Butts Brow. 

                                                  Once over the Brow you look down onto

                                     the distant hamlet of Jevington nestled amongst the Downs.

                                A welcome rest at the church to admire the beautiful

                                      I just love the stonework of this old flint walled church.

                     The horse in the field adjoining the churchyard enjoys the last
                                                    warmth of the sun.

                              The shadows are lengthening and it's time to make 
                                                                 our way back.

                                  With the sun setting it will be dark before we arrive home.

                                              How different the town looks all lit up,
                                        yet it's the same view as when we started our walk.
                                           Nearly home now, just the other side of the pier.

It wasn't a long walk about 12 miles all round, it is a walk that never fails to bring me contentment and the realization of how lucky I am to live in such a place with the sun, the sea and the beautiful South Downs......

                                                         I hope you enjoyed your walk? 

                Perhaps you'll join me again sometime soon on another trip around my part of the world?


  1. Ohhh what a stunning place! Wonderful pics. for your shootout!! I love the horse picture!
    Sarah :)

  2. Thanks for doing all the hard work during that walk, I really enjoyed the views, they are stunning. You live in a beautiful part of the world!

  3. You have such a lovely little town with so much natural beauty. I really enjoyed the walk and photos.

  4. the white cliff face is almost perpendicular. Don't want to fall off.

  5. Your shots are awesome! Different landscapes and yet none stands the second they are all excellent. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

    Shooters Choice

  6. What beautiful views! You were a busy lady :)


  7. What a wonderful walk around the town. I really love the stone in that church too. It's beautiful. I also really like your night shots.

  8. glad I enlarged a few of your photos. the third one I can see the people climbing to the cliffs edge. they look so small!! nice walk around!!

  9. I did enjoy the walk and I very much like the night shots of the town and that lovely old church

  10. What a perfect place for a day's walk; your town is perfectly situated with fields, historic buildings and the ocean too. Lovely.