Friday, 29 July 2011

Thunderbirds ................ FAB

                                                          A pink blur in the desert

moving with stealth................on a mission

  It's Lady Penelope in her pink Rolls Royce.

Pink, this threw up a few problems, until my husband saw this car.

If you hadn't already guessed it's not a real one but one of his toys or replicas as he prefers to call them

The car a pink Rolls Royce with a number plate of FAB1 was famous in the sixties being part of a TV series for kids called Thunderbirds.  Lady Penelope owned the car driven by her faithful sidekick, her chauffeur, Parker.

The photos were taken not in the desert, I know it looks so realistic doesn't it, (I think not,) but in one of my alpine gardens contained in an old butler sink.

Here are some photos of the only other "pinks" we possess. 

Yes they are flowers but I think they are worth including still for their beauty alone.

      A perfect pink peony


and a pretty pink poppy

This is a My Town Friday Shoot Out Post


  1. that first shot is really way cool, it does look like a desert. I like your pink and agree with QMM that it is very creative.
    the pink building was that color way back then and pink has always been a common color in Florida. when i was a child pink and aqua and other pastels were on every street. not as much now, but still a few.

  2. also the house is pink and beautiful that is on the property. look on the side bar under labels for ringling museum and scroll down to see the house they lived in, you will not believe it

  3. I love the car very creative. I put pink flowers in my blog also. They are to pretty not to.

  4. That car replica is just cool! wish I have something like that here.

  5. Lady Penelope - "Parker..."

    Parker - "Yes, milady?"

    They don't make 'em like they used to....

  6. Methinks you had fun creating the scenes for this! :))

  7. the flowers are gorgeous!! I really like what you did with the toy car. very creative!!