Friday, 29 July 2011

Thunderbirds ................ FAB

                                                          A pink blur in the desert

moving with stealth................on a mission

  It's Lady Penelope in her pink Rolls Royce.

Pink, this threw up a few problems, until my husband saw this car.

If you hadn't already guessed it's not a real one but one of his toys or replicas as he prefers to call them

The car a pink Rolls Royce with a number plate of FAB1 was famous in the sixties being part of a TV series for kids called Thunderbirds.  Lady Penelope owned the car driven by her faithful sidekick, her chauffeur, Parker.

The photos were taken not in the desert, I know it looks so realistic doesn't it, (I think not,) but in one of my alpine gardens contained in an old butler sink.

Here are some photos of the only other "pinks" we possess. 

Yes they are flowers but I think they are worth including still for their beauty alone.

      A perfect pink peony


and a pretty pink poppy

This is a My Town Friday Shoot Out Post

Friday, 22 July 2011

Fresh....... a new day dawning.

Fresh....... a new day dawning.

                                                     A brand new day off Langney Point, Eastbourne. Admittedly a slightly out of focus new day, the photo was taken on an early morning walk with Ralph my dog, sadly not with us any more.  Well every morning somewhere between 5.30 and 6.30 am we would walk along this part of the seafront and see these beautiful sunrises.  I thought I'd capture it but didn't reckon on Ralph tugging on his lead whilst taking in the many smells along the way.  Hence the subtle blurred effect.

Here is the culprit Ralph pretending to be asleep, but in front of the gate, no way out without him knowing.

I love this sunrise it always reminds me of the great walks we had.  Although in the winter we were blown and buffeted by the wind and rain and anything else the weather could find to throw at us.

 But still a magical time of day.

 This is a Friday My Town Shoot Out post

Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out

Well, you can choose from three B's in this photo, which is my hometown Eastbourne, a coastal town in the southeast of England. 

1st B - on the far left is a circular ring of lights, this is  Eastbourne Bandstand all lit up and with the

2nd B - Battle (a local town) Band playing the 1812 Overture, which always ends with fireworks as the grand finale. 

3rd B - has to be the beach. 

I feel I may have cheated slightly and used just one photo to cover a few B's, there may be more! 

This is my first attempt at this blogging lark and once I've got the hang of it a bit, hopefully, more will follow.

This is a Friday My Town  Shoot Out post.