Friday, 26 August 2011

FMTSO HIGH AND LOW - Hills & Ghylls

FMTSO - High and Low for this weeks theme.  I've been quite literal in choosing my shots.

  High is Balcombe Ouse Valley Viaduct, a stunning piece of architecture which I find hypnotic.

  Sussex is full of hills and ghylls ( a ghyll is a steep dip between the hills which often has a brook or stream running through it).  On a drive through the country less than 40 miles from home, we were driving down a small country road, turned the corner and found this just a field away from the road.

The viaduct is on the main rail route between London and Brighton, it is still in use today with 110 trains every day using it.  Next is my favourite shot of it and is probably the most photographed angle, you can see why!

The viaduct is 1475 feet long and took 11 million bricks to build, give or take a brick or two, at the cost of £38,000 in 1842.

My low is the brook that flows at the bottom of it, not overly impressive, I feel it must have been a bit larger when the viaduct was built.

This is a FMTSO  post


  1. Omg!! These is what I call photographers haven. This place is beautiful!!! Really love this place and your photos are good! ^_^


  2. I've seen quite a few viaducts along the lones of the top pictures - and even walked over one or two - but thwe angle through the arches is fantastic. It gives a whole new perspective (literally). A really great post, thank you.

  3. I just love that 4th shot, a great shot playing with lines!! btw, no swimmer has ever fall off from that infinity pool as there's a ledge beneath the end and it's not exactly on the edge, It's a few feet smaller than the floor beneath it.

  4. I can never see enough of British bridges and this one is magnificent when captured by you. I'm sure it is magnificent anyway but your shots are wonderful. The fourth shot is amazing!

  5. wow!! a fantastic post MizzKay!! like the others I just love the perspective of that shot. marvelous!