Friday, 30 March 2012


A piece of old farm machinery, long forgotten,
perhaps it's a piece of modern art.

Which do you think?

Found down a small lane whilst on holiday in Guernsey, this was the part we could see, the rest was overgrown!  It wasn't 'till afterwards we discovered it was inhabited.

This is a Friday My Town Shoot Out post


  1. I sow many building like this this week in Rio. completely grown over but still beautiful undernethe and still someone's home. love the 'modern' art.

  2. Oh yes very much neglected. And I like the composition of this two photos.


  3. Your first shot speaks of art to me. The subject and the photo.

  4. it looks like both to me, art and abandoned. i really like it and also like the hidden window.. could be a house in one of my mysteries i love to read.

  5. Great choices for this week's challenge. I agree with Sandra...the house looks like the ones described in my mystery reading!

  6. Inhabited, yes...but I might be afraid to spend the night with the inhabitents. Rattling chains in the night.

    "I should apologize for my spooky and stereotypical prejudice. The inhabitents of the house are probably perfectly wonderful people. I should take them cookies."

    Famous last words of the last visitor.

  7. Modern Art!! And I LOVE it. I will be looking in farmer's fields for art now instead of dead machinery. :)