Friday, 9 March 2012


This week have been unable to to be out so have cheated slightly and used some of my old stock.
A bit of an eclectic mix of doors but all within my locality. 

First we have my favourite pub,
it is as every pub should be, great food, (lots of it), great atmosphere, good prices, very welcoming as you can see and less than 10 minutes away.

A garden door inviting us in...

and one inviting us out.

Finally a Chancel arch leading to a Chancel door.

This truly amazing  interior is from St Michael & All Angels Church, Berwick, East Sussex.

Built on the origins of a pre-historic sacred site, parts of the present church originating from 12th Century with various alterations and additions during the following centuries.

The 20th Century murals were painted during the Second World War by the Bloomsbury artists, Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and Duncan Bell.

Enlarge the photo to see the detail, want to find out more? Click Here for church's website

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  1. I came here from Scriptor Senex's blog, and see you are a pointy door fan too! :)

  2. Ah a mysterious garden gate. I have one of those. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. That looked just like our local pub. Then I realised ours didn't have a phone box. It should do - that makes the photo!

  4. Beautiful church in that last photo -- looks like it should be in Rome.

  5. Your church is so much grander than the simple, wooden structures I've been visiting lately. We do have a bit of a similar theme going on with the church and views out through arched doors - must be doing something right, huh? I'd love to have a pub like yours close to where I live. My nearest is over 40 km away and not at all inviting.

  6. Love that first photo best!

  7. I love the interior of the church - the first truly inviting door (portal) this week. I bet if felt good to sit down and just sit in this space.

  8. The interior of the church is magnificent!

  9. That pub looks inviting to me. I really like that picture. Makes me want to come in and eat some grub and have a drink.