Friday, 18 May 2012

Gates & Fences

Gates & Fences

the subject of this weeks Friday My Town Shoot Out

Not much of a fence, well not suitable for livestock, this is a roadside fence on my journey home from work.
A familiar sight around my home county at the moment, turn a corner and you may be met by a sight like this. Many farmers in this area now grow oil seed rape which have these amazingly bright yellow flowers before harvesting. The oil seed rape is turned into cooking oil and also used as a biodiesel as well as improving the ground for the crop that follows it.

Sorry, but once a farmers daughter always a farmers daughter!

A very special fence that helps to form a seated shelter in a part of a small wooded area which is awash with bluebells at this time of year.
It's so special because it has been made by a group of Volunteers who tend the grounds and gardens at the Hospice I work for. They give their time and skills along with another 300 plus Volunteers to provide practical support and comfort to the residents and staff of the Hospice and their families.
This area provides a place for residents,their relatives and members of staff to just sit and be surrounded by nature and it's calming effect.

So as you can tell a very special fence........


.and finally...........when is a fence not a fence,

When it's a moat.

Possibly pushing the boundaries ( n0 pun intended) of the definition of fence a little too far.
But you have to agree a very effective fence.

The castle is Bodiam Castle, it's less than an hours journey from home, although it looks good on the outside on the inside it's just ruins.

The river that feeds the moat used to be a place we went fishing in our youth.

I bet there can't be many places to fish with a medieval castle as a backdrop.


  1. Love the first shot, beautiful open space!

  2. I always go ape over castles! And the moat actually has water in it, so cool. I love your first picture, too. Beautiful yellow rapeseed.

  3. this week we have had more than a few pushing the boundry of definitions with wonderful results. love the oil seed rape - beautiful colors - never heard or seen it before (once a city girl always a city girl!) I enjoyed my visit.

  4. A very stunning view of the flowers!

  5. I think a moat is a perfect fence! Love that fence the volunteers built at the hospice. So peaceful.

  6. The yellow flowers and all the green that surround it is beautiful. I'd enjoy that view on my way home for sure. The second fence is interesting a very nice that it was built by volunteers.

  7. Love the moat. I think of a fence as something that forms a barrier or a boundary and a moat sure does do that. And it's a great image!

  8. Aha! A moat...never thought of that one! I love the uniqueness of it!

  9. I really like the colour of rape seed this time of year! Beautiful to my eyes.